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Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Let's Catch Up

I decided today, I would play catch up with you all and share some of the little things we have been doing that keep us busy.

On Palm Sunday, we went to church. As usual after church, we made our way to our regular breakfast spot. When we got there, however, it was packed to the point that their parking lot and banks parking lot were full. When this diner is too full, they don't have the best service so we decided to go somewhere else. That somewhere else turned out to be The Cracker Barrel. We had a good time and good food.
Mom likes Cracker barrel, but it is too far to go every week.

James is not sure about this hair style.

Cait looks like she was wondering when we were leaving.

After breakfast we rushed home to get Caitlin ready for dance photos. Her group is dancing to a song called the heaven hop where they come on stage dressed as nuns. Part of the way into the song they remove the habits and show off their sparkly angel dresses.

Before we went to the dance studio, I took her to my mom's house for pictures since mom always has plants and flowers. Unfortunately, spring has not yet sprung at Casa de Abuela so we chose the only green patch in the yard.

She has another dress for her FAME routine, but we were too tired by the time we got back from the studio, so we will have to wait on those pictures.

When I got back from the studio, Caitlin handed me a paper saying she had a band concert the next day at 5:30. Crazy girl! She had to miss dance class which is a big no no before a contest, but the concert was worth THREE grades. So we couldn't miss it.

My brother sent James an awesome birthday present.

Finally, Good Friday, Gary and I took the kids to Austin to look for beds, but stopped at the Harley Davidson store on our way to IKEA. Gary tried out different bikes to see which one he might buy when he gets back from the Philippines.

Yes, I said it. Gary is going to the Philippines again. He leaves at the end of the month and doesn't return until right before I leave for Norway. Considering his company is going to lay off over 2000 employees due to Obama's new bill, which tacked on a little somethin'-somethin' to do away with banks being involved in the student loan business, I am just happy he has a job. It's going to be an interesting summer.


NaehVision said...

I whish you and your family a wonderful eastern and a beautiful spring and summer.

MJ said...

Oh. Poor Gary. Poor you. Sorry to hear he has to go to the Phillippines , hopefully for a short stint this time.

On a more positive note, happy Easter!

miruspeg said...

Well that was quite an update Annemarie!
That is a lovely photo of your Mum and Caitlin looks gorgeous as always...that 3rd photo is a great action shot.

Sorry to hear Gary has to go back to the Philippines for another long definitely will be an interesting spring/summer for you....that is one way of putting it!!!!

Hope you are having a peaceful and relaxing Easter.

Peggy xxx

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