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Be Happy Anyway
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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stay Tuned for The Winner

Don't you hate that...You are watching your favorite television competition show - Deal or No Deal, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars....The list is almost infinite. You wait patiently through the inane "judges" comments, and just when you think you are going to get your reward, you hear that dreaded statement, "Next you'll find out the winner, right after a message from our sponsor."

I know some of you have been patiently waiting to hear about the winner of my one and only RAK drawing. Well, be assured there won't be any commercial messages here, but there were other things that prevented me from having my drawing in a timely manner. The most significant of these was the power outage my house experienced due to a certain male individual's inability to remember to pay TXU on time. When it finally was back on, my laptop was out of juice from the kids using it as a DVD player, and lo and behold, there was no charger. It was still plugged into the wall at school. (That's where I found it this morning.)

So without further ado, the winner of the Mary Kay travel-sized microdermabrasion set goes to Karen of the blog MY LIFE. She is also one of my SIStv SISters. She will be able to take that travel-sized set on the many airplane flights she goes on without raising any suspicions that she is trying to carry the ingredients for a weapon of mass destruction. They may not believe the age on your driver's license after you start using it (LOL,) but you won't be mistaken for a terrorist. So Karen, PM me over at SIStv with a way for me to snail mail your prize.

Thanks to everyone else who participated. Please keep coming back. If you read about my quirks, you know how much I love hearing from people.

To WNCRod - sorry brother, I think it might be seen as nepotism if I let you win, but thanks for stopping by. :-) Besides, if you want some Mary Kay, all you have to do is ask.


miruspeg said...

I am learning a whole new language through acronyms....had no idea what RAK meant, so went to google of course and discovered Random Act of Kindness.
It also means:
Right Above Knee (amputation)
Raising Arizona Kids (magazine)
Remote Access Key
So you can see why confusion raises its head.

Regarding your comment on my absolutely gorgeous to see angels in your fathers room, you are so blessed. I have never seen any spirits or angels, I will just have to be patient, I certainly am a believer!

Take care

Anonymous said...

hey Annemarie, i hope you are having a great Monday. My Monday has just flown by. I put supper in the crock pot a bit ago and I feel like that is about all I've accomplished all day.

I'll call you later tonight.
You know my front door? I know a Prof. Frye lived here at one time. They sold it to the Harmons. He may of been a prof. also.

MJ said...

Yes, I felt that let-down you must feel when watching those tv shows listed in your post. My let-down was finding out I wasn't the winner! But someone else is and I'm sure she'll be delighted! Thanks for making someone else's day!

Wendy said...

Now that is a royal announcement if I ever heard one! That rivals Ryan Secrest! I was on the edge of my seat and so envious when you assured the winner she was not going to be labeled at terrorist.
My mom had worn Mary Kay since the beginning! and at 72 her skin is amazing! What a great gift! This was a fun post, I even could cheer on the winner and I did not have to dial in!

Karen said...

Wow! I never win anything. Thanks so much.


carrhop said...

Hee hee! I was cracking up at why your drawing was a little delayed--little power outage, oh my!

Thanks for the linky love in your post about your quirks! I'm with ya--this little blog world we revolve in is such a treat!


Roban said...

Okay... So how did I miss this whole giveaway thing? I need a microdermabrasion thingy. I'm aging right before my eyes. You should see it.... Talk about Halloween, I'll have to WEAR a mask just to keep from scaring the trick-or-treaters!

Teaching. That's it. That's why I didn't know about the whole giveaway thing.

I miss you guys when I'm at work or at work at home. My priorities definitely need a little rearranging!

Roban said...

I had to reply about the learning styles. I am definitely visual and kinesthetic. To put things together (bookshelves, etc.) I have to see the picture and then just do it! But my daughter is auditory.... waaaay different than I! So all last year, I would create or make her create charts, pictures, etc., as she studied for tests. She would said, "But this doesn't help me." And I would say, "Sure it does. See how it organizes all of the information for you? When you're sitting in there taking the test, you'll SEE it all... exactly like it is on your chart." Yeah, right. I finally figured it out and understand completely why she likes me to quiz her and READ and discuss the textbook with her. It came as a shock that we have such different learning styles!

Do you get a fall break? I have three days off!! Yea!

miruspeg said...

Hey Annemarie if you go back to my blog and look at the time you posted your last comment you will see why 11:11 follows me around and keeps me smiling!

We ALL have stories (memories) when we were young of our family trips in the car......I am sure the car will be around for the forseeable future, I was just reminising and visualising life without the metal beast!


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