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Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Is This What They Call Children's Television?

Does Anyone else find this completely bizarre? How many kids are going to want to eat fried chicken or cheese that has a face. This is fodder for the vegans who say, "nothing with a face." Then to think that once you follow the foods they are in your tummy having a party?! That's just too much.

I just wonder how anyone could think that DJ Lance and his supporting cast could be a good idea. Children's television show producers need to remember that when children are watching their shows, parents have to be in the vicinity listening to this drivel.

Let's get one more glimpse at the idiocy of this show. (You may have to turn up the volume it is a bad copy.) Oh, and yes, that IS Elijah Wood looking like a madman.

Have they forgotten the movie The Puppetmaster?

Okay, this is the last one. I promise. Someone managed to combine my worst nightmare with one of my favorite songs.

Thanks for humoring a crazy lady who has lost her mind listening to children's television shows.


miruspeg said...

Oh Annemarie that was torcher..... all 3 youtubes!
I pressed each one after the other, then couldn't turn them off.
I hope I don't go round singing 'there is a part in my tummy' all day.
Joseph's favourite TV program at the moment is is not too bad.

letti said...

ooooo the creatures are creepy.. especially the one-eyed tall red one. EEEEERRRKKKKK

carrhop said...

I too get disturbed with some of the content on today's children's shows-and then I find a dim memory flickering somewhere in the remnants of my childhood memory;;;
HR Puffenstuff, where you go when things get tough, HR Puffenstuff, you can't do a little and you can't do enough.....


Nancywithajones said...

omgoshhhh IM soooo glad we are past those shows... but then we are now into Hannah Montana (eeeek)

cinnibonbon said...

This makes me glad I have a teenager!!!!! That's not a party...that's a tummy ache.

Thanks for stopping by my place!!!

MJ said...

I can't watch this stuff ~ K and N would flock to watch it. I'll take your word that it is junk. So much junk is available.

Roban said...

Scary! I hope I get the party in the tummy song out of my head before tomorrow! We had a little smattering of some weird creatures (totally forgotten now) when Hannah was young, but she tended to watch Arthur and Clifford, before moving up to Lizzie McGuire. Those were all okay at the time. Like Octamom, I remember HR Puffinstuff. I was crazy for that show!

Wendy said...

You must be very busy, I was looking for your posts! I hope all is well!

Holly said...

Haha! I have never seen this. But my 9-year old daughter just happened to walk in the room and said, "That's a dumb show." Hmm She has good judgement.

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