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Be Happy Anyway
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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dear SuperMegaMovieTheater

I went to the new Cinemark in Harker Heights Texas on Saturday, July 19. We arrived around 11:00 a.m. for the 11:20 showing of Wall-E. I was pleasantly surprised by how few people were at the movie theater. We quickly got tickets (2 children/ 1 adult). I was surprised for a matinee that I was still spending 18.50. (I guess that just shows my age.) I then headed for the concession stand, but I found it quite confusing as this was our first time at this theater. There was a girl helping a couple, and a boy helping another person. I stood there waiting while wondering what the area was to the right with soda machines, etc. There was no sign to say, "Hey, there's a self-service area over here!!!" So I stood waiting for the girl to finish helping the couple in front of me. She seemed slow and it seemed she had to walk far to get things for her customer. I am not sure if it was inexperience or an inefficient layout of your concession area, but it took forever. When she finally got to us, I only wanted a small soda, a large soda and a small icee ($10 and change!!!) Heaven forbid I had ordered popcorn. She had to go off to get the Icee. Then we paid and I left. I was surprised that there were no traditional Icee straws for the very tall Icee cup. I even asked, no such luck.

After the concession stand, we went to the theater...Very pretty, chose a seat and waited for the movie to start. The seats in the stadium style theater were very uncomfortable. I am a relatively short person and there should have been no problem in the hip to knee length of your seats, but I found them to be very short, leaving 3 inches or more of my legs hanging off the front. This might have been okay if the rocker seats leaned back farther with less effort. I don't need a workout when attending a movie. The back of the seats curved forward in a very awkward way. I cannot imagine my 6'4" husband trying to sit comfortably in your seats.

I will probably not visit your theater again. Instead I will attend my local (Cove) theater for $11 and get a soda for free for each of us on top of that. This movie theater shows newly released movies, and I just want to know...How can they afford to do such so inexpensively a thing when you cannot?

This was a comment I sent to Cinemark theaters through their website. Surprisingly enough they sent this response:

Dear Mrs. Victory,

Thank you for taking the time to let us know of your concerns. The layout you mentioned in your message is a brand new concept for Cinemark, utilizing the self-serve method for the concession stand. As a brand new building, we are still working out the kinks on the most efficient way to operate this new style. I have made a note of your suggestions, and perhaps, we can implement some of these ideas.

Thanks again for taking the time to write us, and we hope to see you again at Cinemark.

Chris Goertz

General Manager

I guess I am happy they responded, but I don't think that will make me want to pay almost $30 for a matinee and a soda.

What do you all think?


letti said...

oo i haven't been to the movie theater in forever and those prices sound pretty wild. They should have at least given you some sort of complementary tickets or something. But then again, you're not going back there. LOL. cheers.

Unknown said...

I'm another one that never goes because of prices and that sucks! I used to, in my single days, go see 2 movies back to back.... not any more! I love the letter you wrote then!!
Thanks for leaving a comment, hope you didn't jump with the music lol, love Moby :)

MJ said...

I don't tend to go to theaters much either unless the movie needs to be seen in the theater (due to landscapes, costumes, etc). I've become too particular in theater habits (ie: people talk and eat popcorn there and I can't hear!! LOL!!)

I do know that the theaters' revenue comes from exorbitant pricing of refreshments, not the admission prices for the movies!

Jules said...

Ouch! that seems pretty steep. we go through AMA here and get our tickets for $8 each but I know pop isn't that much.

Customer service sure has changed!

Shan in Japan said...

Here in Japan it costs about $18 for one person for a regularly priced ticket. Amazingly, the late night show, starting at 9PM or after, is often cheaper. Wednesdays are ladies' day which means $10 movies. No free drinks here! I haven't really compared prices, but I think the treats here are actually a little cheaper than in the States. Taking your own treats into the movie seems to be completely acceptable, although I did notice a sign the last time I went that said not to-I shouldn't have learned to read this language!:) My friend went to a movie about lunch time in Tokyo and everyone had brought in their own lunch!
I agree, though, that movies in the theater are just too expensive!!

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