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Be Happy Anyway
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

That's What You Get

I hear that phrase in my house all the time passed from one child to the other and occasionally out of my own mouth.

Tonight I am saying it to myself. Karma's a ..... a chameleon. What? What did you think I was going to say.

I took James to his soccer game this evening and he was running around the field waiting for the game to start. The coach (I use that term loosely) finally wrangled up the kiddos at their bench and made them hold their hands in front of themselves until the ref said it was time to start. While most of the children were waiting patiently, the coach turned her head; at which time, I see this little boy pulling his arms in a circle over the heads of each of his teammates. (They are 4 and 5 & James stands head and shoulders above them all.)

I think at this point I should mention that after having to babysit the bench warmers the first game and wrangle unruly children, I decided that it wasn't my place to mind other people's children and I would sit in my lawn chair and cheer my own child on instead. That's what I get.

A few minutes before the game started, I see the coach walking my son across the field. I realize is his face is dripping red stuff that wasn't the Gatorade I had sent him to the bench with. He had a bloody nose. Not just a little bloody nose. I am talking about a bloody nose of grand proportions. Moms begin handing me tissues and baby wipes, none of which helped. A dad runs to his car for towels while another runs to his car and returns with fast food napkins.

Fortunately, a grandmother was there just having gotten off of work as a nurse. Actually, she had just RETIRED today. She came over and helped my son. She sat with him the entire first quarter of the game until it stopped and looked like it wasn't going to return. She even carried the bloody napkins away to the trash when the fire ants thought they were tonight's fare.

As we left the game, I thanked everyone profusely for the tissues, wipes, towels and napkins, but there aren't words enough to thank this woman, another angel who has come to rescue me in my time of need.

As the game ended we noticed this rainbow.
It was a good end to an otherwise icky game.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh boy! NO fun!

Jeanet said...

Ouch!That much have hurt!So good that lady- nurse- angel was there and knew what to do!Hope your son is doing better!Loving that rainbow photo and I love your post!

Anonymous said...

o0oh, poor baby. Julie's right. that is no fun.
how is school going for you? my Sis is having a rough time this year adjusting to her kids. good kids. just very immature.
just one more day now for the weekend. do you get an extra day for the holiday?
i was going up there, but my son is coming to San Angelo since my mom has been sick.
i'll let you know when i'll be there.
have a good weekend.

MJ said...

Poor kid! I've inherited thin nose membranes so have had to endure nosebleeds my entire life. It's usually recommended not to hold your nose upward as you then drink the blood. Yuck.

On the positive side, it got me out of couple crappy phys ed classes. On the negative side, I've written 100% final exams with a nose bleed and that was unpleasant.

Here's to an upcoming nose-bleed free season for James!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for angels!!! I'm a bit afraid of bloody noses.. long story - I'm glad it stopped and a rainbow on top of it - Wow! Have a great weekend without accidents AnneMarie!

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