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Be Happy Anyway
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Norway - A Tourists Point of View

The statues and buildings throughout Norway kept me snapping away. Thank goodness for digital cameras. Imagine if I had taken 500+ photos on traditional Kodak film? (Don't worry, I am not sharing all 500+ pics.) Imagine if I had to process those photos before I got to see them? I still have rolls of film from I don't know when sitting in a bowl, plus a disposable camera. I would never be able to regale you with all the photos that are about to follow.Sorry it's blurry. This is the Rica Holberg hotel where we stayed at. Just super.

It's not far from Slottet (Royal Place) where this monument of King Karl Johan who ruled Sweden and Norway from 1818 to 1844 when he died.

The Royal Palace

Queen Maud - the wife of Karl Johan

Detail on a gazebo in the Royal Garden

Fountain in the back of the National Theater (Nationaltheatret)
We took a bus ride from Oslo to Haugesund where my friend picked us up. This was one of the bus stops along the way.

Our main vacation took place in Karm√ły on the west side of Norway. We stayed my friend's house and had the use of a car which made getting around much easier.

The historic village of Skudeneshaven is packed full with simply lovely buildings. It's picture perfect.

The copper for the Statue of Liberty surprisingly came from mine at Vignes in Norway.

The original royal seat was in Avladsnes. This is St. Olav's Church built in the 1300s which was renamed the Church of Alvadsnes at it's 700th anniversary celebration.
St. Mary's Needle - a stone pillar that leans toward the building. There were beliefs that when it touched the wall, judgment day would come. There are even stories of priests climbing to the top to remove some the stone to keep it from touching. Currently, it is 9,2 cm from Judgment Day.

Boat docks like this can be seen everywhere in Norway.

On a quick trip to Bergen, we were fascinated by the restroom in a restaurant. The taps turn on automatically. It was funny to see an old fashion tub being used as a basin right next to a modern Dyson Blade hand dryer.

Buildings along the Bergen quay

Bergen church against a gray sky

Bridge at Gudvangen

Church at Voss built in 1277

Building at the Viking Farm in Avaldsnes

Interesting carving at the top of one of the building at Avaldsnes Viking Farm

Vigeland Park entry. Those are bronze statues that line the bridge to the fountain. The fountain is four men holding up a large basin. It is surrounded by bronze statues of trees with people in them representing the cycle of life. Up the stairs is the monolith surrounded by granite statues conceived by Vigeland and recreated from models by master craftsmen.
Woman Holding Hair
Fountain with Six Men Holding a Basin
Unsure of the name of this sculpture.

Modeled by Vigeland in the years 1924-25, it took three stone carvers from 1929 to 1943 to complete the Monolith, just shortly before Vigeland died. Carved out a single piece of granite 46 feet tall, it consists of 121 figures.

Are you still with me?? I know, it's like my dad's slide shows that he showed when I was a kid, except, I loved my dad's slide shows, but I know many people get bored of them after awhile.

At the Norsk Folk Museum, we saw amazing folk art. I was fascinated by the painted flowers. They were everywhere.

The women made lefse bread. We got to buy it and it was tasty.

The Viking Ship Museum had actual ships and artifacts found in around the ships. The boats were used for burials at the end of the owner's life.

Oslo Opera House opened in 2008. You can walk on the building's roof and the roof is also skateboard friendly.

'Hun ligger' (She Lies) by Monica Bonvicini sits on the water outside the Opera House was unveiled on May 11, 2010. For more info and a better picture click here.

Inside the Opera House. Unique architectural designs.

Peggy and I had a great time in Norway. We did EVERYTHING we imagined doing, even some things we couldn't fathom.

I am glad I made this trip. It took me three years to make it there. (Technically, 16 years if you count when I first started thinking about it.) I can't wait to go back with my family. I know they will love it... or at least I hope they will. One can never understand the thinking of a teenager.


ABW said...

These are amazing pictures!!!! Can't wait till you share more!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! These are GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Tracy said...

TERRIFIC photos... Those Oslo sights look very familiar! ;o)

MJ said...

Great photos! I could see your daughter's so obvious resemblance to you in that one photo where you are posing next to the Statue of Liberty!

Jeanet said...

Oh wow, such be-au-ti-ful photo's and it!Thanks for sharing!!

Thinkie said...

:-) 500 pics is about what we take on one busy vacationday. that's why we bring a laptop on every trip of more than 2 days... Isn't it hard to make a selection of what to show on your blog and what to have printed?! :-)
You guys sure got to see a lot of great places! Makes me want to go back! I hope you can go back with your family some day!

Shell said...

wow! not bored at all!
beautiful pictures, loved that amazing fountain and my boys would go crazy over the viking stuff.

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