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Be Happy Anyway
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Let's Get Creative

This past weekend while I was relaxing in Salado with my bloggy friends, I pulled out the paper and glue and said we should all make trading cards to take from the weekend as a memento. Earlier in the day I was listening to Wendy say how inspiring the village was since it is packed with products made by so many creative people. SO I decided that we needed to get our creative juices flowing and you would have thought I said it was time for a root canal. NOT REALLY Actually, one or both of them might have rather had a root canal, but I persevered and continued pulling out the paper and goodies and sample ATC cards that I had received over the past two years.

In the end they both made some really cute cards and replicated them to trade with me and each other. They even made extras for the two ladies who were unable to be with us that night. (Oops Roban, Julie, I let a little secret slip.)

When we were done, I began talking to them about an online workshop I participated in earlier this year that taught me that I had what it takes to be creative. I told Wendy that she should really participate in this class because it was detailed and gave good examples but it also gave the opportunity to use the techniques in your own way.

Then, today, I saw on Michelle's blog that she was encouraging others to take this art journal class and I thought, "Well, why aren't I doing the same thing??"

So here it is. Go to my friend Marit's site and sign up for her class, "Let It Loose." There are still a few spaces available. I know you will enjoy it.

Here are few of my pages:

Hope to see what you make!!!


Anonymous said...

OHMY... my dear friend! How sweet of you to promote my workshop!!! Yes, we did have a lot of fun with Letting it Loose in February and I'm looking forward to teaching it again next Month... so thanks for the shout out!!!!

Jeanet said...

I so love seeing your pages again!
It sure was a GREAT workshop, I learned so much!And get to know beautiful people too ;)!

Anonymous said...

How sweet of you to promote Marit's workshop on your blog!! I know she has some places left for new students...
And it's a great workshop, I enjoyed it from start to finish!!
Thanks again dear!!

MJ said...

Doh, I just signed up for a different workshop starting Sept!

I think it is wonderful that you managed to encourage others to express themselves creatively! Good job! Next weekend, we are having an adult tea party at our house & N was distraught upon discovering that we weren't going to do a craft or play games! Her comment, in between sobs was, "All adults ever do is talk"! She needs to hang out with you!

Roban said...

Yay! I can't wait to see what you created! I've been wanting to make ATCs for such a long time but never have taken the step to do it. And, I've bought several art journaling books in the past year, vowing to not buy another until I've actually used one to create something. I'll check on this online workshop. I really do think it's time!

Thanks for the push.

Hilde Iren said... your Bergen foto! Just like I remember it, clowdy and beautiful :)

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