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Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Things I Love About My Boy

Waiting for his turn to dance

He is funny. He gets humor and sarcasm. He makes remarks and waits for you to get it. However, he doesn't tell funny jokes. With those he makes up jokes that make no sense. For example, I will say, "Why did the lettuce always win the race? ... Because he is always a head." Then James will say, "Why did the squirrel cross the road? ...Because he was a silly squirrel head and he eats acorns and is running across the highway." What??! Last night he was standing next to me pretending he had lost his voice. He was mouthing words and trying to get me to guess what he was saying. The only thing I got was, "I lost my voice." It ended with me tickling him to make him laugh and prove he hadn't lost his voice.

He remembers EVERYTHING. On Sundays we have breakfast after church while Cait is spending time with the youth group. We go to the same place every week. When we order our breakfast, we get Cait a cheeseburger, pickles only with ketchup. Sometimes I forget. He never does. "Mom! Did we get Caitlin's cheeseburger??" Another instance of a good memory...Every year we go to the corn festival in a little Texas town called Holland. He has attended at age 3 and 4. The first year that he came along, we watched the parade, ate corn, shopped the vendors and left for a drive through the countryside in the air conditioned car. The next year, Gary came too. I guess I didn't impress on Gary the importance of not encouraging attending carnivals with poorly maintained carnival rides and creepy carnies who try to get you to spend your money games you can never win. So after the parade, Gary takes the kids over to carnival. Let me tell you, when I told my son that we were going to the corn festival this is what he said, "You mean the place where you walk over the railroad tracks and watch the fire trucks, tractors and motorcycles and walk back over the railroad tracks to the place with the roller coaster and the thing that goes round and round?"

He loves music. Just last week he was seen dancing in the store while waiting for Caitlin to come out of the dressing room. There was some hip hop music playing. He turned his hat sideways and and started moving like a break dancer. He also remembers the tune of every song he hears. He doesn't always understand the words so it makes me laugh. However when he started mumble singing the words to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance," I knew I had better begin changing the station when such songs were coming on. I didn't want my son to end up like this kid.

My son has a tender heart. He loves his sister even though she can't show love back. He is always asking her to push him on the his horse swing. She hates it but does it because I ask her to. Inevitably, he does something to make her angry. He's a boy. He does boyish things. She comes in and doesn't want to play anymore. Well, yesterday we were watching Ni Hao Kai-lan. The lesson to be learned on this episode was to not be a bragger. The characters were in several contests, and the little tiger was bragging every time he won. All the other little characters got their feelings hurt and didn't want to play anymore. Kai-lan's grandfather taught the tiger that instead of bragging when he wins, he should find something nice to say about how the other players performed. Immediately, my boy said, "I want to tell Cait something." I called his sister out, and he said, "Cait, you did a really good job pushing me on the swing today." Of course, his sister in her usual Asperger's way said, "OK" and walked away. I had to call her back and teach her how to take a compliment and how to carry on a conversation, but that is nothing new.

Below is an older Scrapblog I put together about him. I found it when I was looking for the Scrapblog about the corn festival.



Andre Rodriguez said...

Thanks for the link to Timmy singing and dancing. Too, too funny. My favorite part was the "Rah, Rah, ah, ah, ah..."

miruspeg said...

I am so looking forward to meeting your special boy Annemarie.
So he takes after his Mum when you say he remembers cool it that.

I remember that scrapblog. Didn't we have a fun time making all those scrapblogs way back when.

BTW when did you win the One Minute Writer? You probably told me but unfortunately I don't have a memory like yours.

Peggy xxxxx

Jeanet said...

Love your fun post!!!
And I see a lot of familiar things that my boy's got too!
Such a cool video!Love to read your stories Annemarie!

Roban said...

I'm echoing Peggy.... When did you win One-Minute Writer? I just saw that on your page after my months-long sabbatical. I'm so excited to know a One-Minute Writer winner...!

This post is so sweet. I think it's hard sometimes to really stop and consider our children's good points, in detail like that, and then to take the time to write about them and share them with others. I can just imagine him reading this one day when he's much older. He will so appreciate it!

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