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Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Team Brandi

Today I saw the most touching expression of support that a town of just over 1100 people could show toward one woman.

We went to Holland, TX for their annual corn festival, but this year had a theme like no other theme I have ever seen before.

After the military marching band and traditional corn queen float passed, I was surprised by a group of bikers swathed in pink. I thought it was unique, but didn't let it weigh too heavy on my mind.

Then came this group of ladies in pink sporting Team Brandi t-shirts.

But the most unique part of the parade was this...Do you believe this?
or this?I then decided I better ask the Team Brandi woman that was standing next to me with a video camera about Brandi.
It was then that I learned about Brandi Shelton who was going through her third bout of cancer which this time has spread to her bones. The entire town decided to dedicate the festival to her. She even got to ride on the pink fire truck. Unfortunately, I didn't know this until the truck was too far past for photos.

I was blessed by the outpouring of love and support that this little town was able to muster for one person. Her story brought me to tears, something that doesn't usually happen at a corn festival.

Anyway, the rest of the festival was its usual heat filled fun time. I will do a separate post about it with more pictures tomorrow.


Rieni said...

this is so special and great!! a entire town who is thinkink so much of her. GREAT!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for sharing this! I needed a little "hope" today for the world seems to get sadder and colder these days... thanks for pointing out that there are still loving and caring people around. You brightened my day!

Hilde Iren said...

:)) looks amazing! love the pink bus! - nice to hear you have started your summer, I have one week left at work before we head off to lovely Denmark!
wish you a great weekend!

miruspeg said...

Awareness, love, hope, rescue.....what a great sign!

I love when I am moved to tears unexpectly, doesn't happen very often. Wish it would happen more.

Brandi must be one very special person. Thanks for sharing your blessed experience with your blogging friends Annemarie.

Big hugs
Peggy xxx

Jeanet said...

What a wonderful story!Yay for those caring people!!

Cozyflier said...

What a wonderful story Annmarie, I love the pink fire truck. Very special how small towns pull together.

MJ said...

Brandi must be one amazing woman. What an imprint she (and her life) have made on that town. Good for her!

Angela Ralston said...

Just wanted to let you know I came across this blog in just doing a search last night for Team Brandi to see what would come up. .. and you are right .. Brandi was a FABULOUS woman!! She inspired those who knew her and even those who never met her. Sad to say that Brandi lost her 2nd battle to this monster they call cancer in October 2010.

The pink fire truck is part of the Pink Heals Tour ~ Guardian of the Ribbon. There's a national tour that travels and then Texas has its own chappter. and they also have a FB page. The pink on the truck represents women ..any woman .. any cancer. FAB organization!!

Tx Chapter of the Pink Heals Tour will be at Corn Fest 2011 in a brand new truck ... one named Brandi after a very special lady <3Team Brandi has a FB page also and would love for you to join. Even though our girl is gone, our work is not finished. We have more to accomplish even though our dear friend is watching from Heaven

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