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Be Happy Anyway
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thanks Hilde Iren

I have such good friends, always sharing things with me to help me prep for my long awaited trip to Norway. (Insert *sigh* now who are ready for me to go so I can stop planning.)

Well, in a series of clicking blog loves of Norwegian friends, I encountered Hilde Iren. After my posting on her jewelry blog, she caught on that I was headed to Norway in just 1 month, 3 weeks and 3 days. :-) She has since shared with me a neat railway to the top of Bergen and today sent me a link to this video. (It is from television show.)

(I can't get the video small enough, no matter how I size it.)

It is just lovely, Hilde. Thanks for sharing it with me. I tried to add it to my blog playlist but there was only one song that featured her and it wasn't this one. I will have to add it to my traveling playlist when I get an iPod.

Just 1 month, 3 weeks and 3 days more and then you won't hear me planning it, but then you get to put up with me sharing all my great travel pics. Get ready!


miruspeg said...

It certainly is a lovely song and video Annemarie.
Three cheers for friends.
Peggy xxxx

MJ said...

I love Anne Marie's voice ~ I was so surprised to see her name matched yours at the end!

I am counting down with you and have the full expectation of seeing photos when you return. Just thought you'd want to know that!

NaehVision said...

It´s a wonderful song. How long did you stay in Norwegen? My daughter and I travel in September to Stockholm. But only for 4 days.


Jeanette Lunde said...

Thanks for letting med know :) It´s now working!

So you´re going to Norway! How nice.
I hope you will like it here. Hilde Iren is my colleague, actually my boss...he he. A lovely person :)

Please tell me, where are you heading?
Which cities are you visiting?

Best wishes Jeanette

Hilde Iren said...

I love the blogworld! its so full of new inspiration and lovely people :)) I'm glad you liked the song!
Thanks for mention me on you blog!
wish you a great weekend!

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