Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

My 10th

I saw this on Marit's blog: REPOST YOUR 10TH POST

Feeling A little nostalgic I decided to play along.

The Simple Things

It's the simple things that make life worthwhile sometimes.

Example 1:
Today I was looking for supplies in my cupboard at school when I realized that I had an unopened box of Girls Scout Thin Mints. There they were just calling my name. I was good and resisted tearing open the box and having a handful right in front of my students. Instead, I waited until I finished my healthy lunch of Progresso Chicken Soup, carefully pulled out three and enjoyed them one by one. I did have to resist the urge to leave the open box at the table and eat them freely from the box. (A habit I broke many years ago.)

Example 2:
Another simple thing is the ability to hit the snooze bar. I love it. It feels like I am getting over on someone. Sure, I have to wake up early to enjoy this, but somehow it is worth it to be able to slap that button a couple of times. Otherwise, I would have to jump up right when the alarm went off. Where's the fun in that?

Example 3:
Living where I do, it gets hot. Not just a little warm. I mean HOT, 100+° HOT, burn your skin on the lawn furniture HOT. Because of the heat, stores and dining establishments love to keep the air on 65°F. Now that is just too cold for me. When I leave these places, all I want to do is warm up. I do this by getting in the hot car without turning it on or opening any windows. It only takes a few seconds, but this is something I truly enjoy. Every time I do this, I have the pleasant memory of going to the commissary with my mom and little brother where it was almost cold enough to store meat without a freezer. Upon check-out, we would go out to my mother's station wagon and warm up while we waited for her to turn on the car. I don' t know why this is a good memory, but is, at least to me. To my daughter who has to hear me repeat it every time we leave a restaurant...not so much.

If it weren't for the simple things, what fun would life be? We can't just sit around waiting for that ultimate experience. We have to enjoy the good when we can.


MJ said...

It's the first one that I can't get over. I would be thrilled to learn your secrets of self-discipline regarding sugary treats!!

MJ said...

PS: Aren't you preparing for Norway soon? I think you need to change your blog theme to something more Nordic, don't you? Perhaps this is your purpose of having the water effects? But I don't think they have palm trees or sandy beaches. I hope I didn't burst your bubble for revealing that... if you really want a warm vacation, Norway isn't likely your place. (This is my effort of trying to be very diplomatic).

miruspeg said...

It was interesting reading your 10th post Annemarie and well worth reposting.
I use the snooze button too. I hate waking up and getting out of bed straight away...I like to ease my way into the day.

My 10th post was "Feed the World and Feed your knowledge"...a plug for the
And you have reminded me I haven't been to that site for months, so I am off now to feed some kids and my knowledge.

Peggy xxx

Thinkie said...

I don't wake up from an alarmclock often (only have to get up early when we're going on an outing or vacation or something. Altough our neighbours and such seem to think waking me up way to early with renovationsounds is a great thing to do) but when I have to I really need the snoozebutton, I'm just not able to get up immediately. But only one hit on it...
65 is what most people have there heating on here (shops and such are often colder because people wear there coats when shopping most of the year) and it's way too cold for me (can't keep myself warm since my ME/CFS, just don't have the energy for that). Unfortunately the heating in our building is centrally controlled, we can turn it off or on but can't turn it warmer :-/ so much of the year our own home is too cold for me. No car to get into and warm me up ;-)

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