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Be Happy Anyway
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Chaos vs Control

My life is pretty much chaos most of the time. The laundry is never done. The kitchen is never truly clean. (The moment it's clean, someone comes along to mess it up.) There are very few areas of life that I have control. Today I had a brief moment of anxiety because of a little chaos that happened today.

I had just bought a package of permanent color markers so the kids could color some "stained glass" pictures to hang at home. It was a classroom of 2nd and 4th graders who have been reading buddies all year. There was a cart with Sharpies and a table with Mark It pens. Each student could come and get one color and then put it back where they got it. They worked really hard to keep the Sharpies and the Mark Its separated, but no one told them that placing the pens in anything other than color order would make Mrs. Victory completely INSANE. By the end of the class, the pens looked like this:

I didn't feel better until I made it look like this.

They are still not exactly how they were when I bought them, but at least I have them somewhat where I want them.

And Peace Has Been Restored...At least in a box of markers.


miruspeg said...

Glad to hear your sanity was restored Annemarie. We all have our little idiosyncrasies....LOL

OH BTW I can't hear your music anymore.....they just wanted to tease us. :(
Peggy xx

McMGrad89 said...

Oh, I am sorry you can't hear it again. It's like that at work with the firewall. Sometimes a site is okay. Other times its blocked. It's like roulette.

Andre Rodriguez said...

Too cuckoo

Anonymous said...

And here we go again..... are you my secret twin sister??? I SOOOOO recognize this!!! (did you ever consider taking pics in order to see how the pens were placed before???)

Hilde Iren said...

ha ha ha, I know the feeling :)
and I can also relate to this: "The moment it's clean, someone comes along to mess it up" - but thats life eh??

wish you a great weekend!
Hugs Hilde Iren :)

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