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Be Happy Anyway
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Let's Play a Game of I Spy

To you this may look like just a messy little scrap area. To me it says much more.

Let's take a look and see what we see.

  1. I have purposely not cropped this out, so you could see what I should be doing instead of blogging or scrapping. These are my clean clothes that need to be folded and put away.
  2. My beloved first piece of Tupperware ever that I didn't inherit from Renee or my mother. It holds some sequins that my daughter likes to dig through for school projects. I don't use them anymore, thus the dust on the lid that wouldn't be noticeable if a certain 4 year old boy didn't feel the need to touch EVERYTHING.
  3. The infamous glitter spray paint. Notice there are two. Both have paint, but neither worked after the first time I used them. I have decided I am not going to buy anymore even though I love the way it looks on my projects.
  4. The clock stamp that I searched for to the ends of the Earth. I think I will find a safe just for that stamp, so I never have to make the quest again.
  5. The obligatory Bush's Iced Tea straw. You will never find me far away from one. The only reason there isn't a glass of Bush's tea on my table is I drank the rest of the gallon that was in my fridge yesterday and it is 10:50 in the morning and they don't open for another 10 minutes.
  6. Well, it goes without saying that with a boy living in the house he must make his presence known even in my area.
  7. The area of my house that I have conveniently cropped out so you don't see the ball caps that get dropped in the front door, shoes, toys, the more than occasional sock, dust, etc., that makes my house what it is...MINE.
The last thing this picture shows is that this scrap area is also the table where the kids have most of their snacks which means I am usually disassembling it and reassembling it regularly. Probably the main reason I use to complete my projects instead of paper and scissors.

I challenge you to take a picture of the area in your house where you spend the most time and tell me what it says about you. Is it your kitchen, your office, the backyard? Where ever it is, I would love to see it and learn a little more about you.


Cozyflier said...

This is totally cool! Right now, my kitchen table has so much stuff on it you can't see the table! I've been too busy painting and sanding to care!

Well, the rain has stopped and sun is out which means my break is over! I might have to take your challange! I need to learn more about scrapblog. Sounds like what I need! I have a basement - a 10x12 room dedicated to scrapbooking, but I never get down there!

Roban said...

I enjoyed my tour of your scrapping spot! A few weeks ago I took pictures of my very messy space and had planned to blog about cleaning it up.... I STILL need to do that!

(I wish you could join me on my deck, too.... It's best in the mornings when a cool breeze ambles by....)

MJ said...

I'd participate in your dare except that I'm suffering from attention deficit and, if I leave here, I'll undoubtedly be found distracted en route to my destination and then distracted again and eventually get to my destination and then not recall where I am going.

Sounds like the Blackberry may help me. Not too many "thou shalt not"s attached either.

Your Bush's tea reference was interesting. I've heard Americans have a thing about iced tea. I would too except I can't drink caffeine after noon otherwise I can't sleep at night??! Why did that happen? Urgh... aging.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Okkkkkkkkkk....that was JUST tooooooooooooo FUN!!!! I just might do this! :):):):):):):):):):)

Anonymous said...

that was fun.
i've been scrapping on my kitchen island and it is covered up with scrap essentials. i love it.

did you ever get any rain?
we got just a little. we'll take it though.

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