Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


James was sitting in our bed waiting for his sheets to dry (you can guess why.)

Mommy: James if you don't calm down you will have to go to sleep in your bare bed.

James: Mommy, I am NOT a bear!

We took my brother to the airport this morning to fly from Texas to North Carolina.

(8 hours later)
James: Uncle Andre is flying in the sky.

Mommy: Yes, he is.

James: Now he is landing.

Mommy: Okay.

James: We have to pick him up now.

Mommy: I think that would be a very long drive.


MJ said...

Oh, how much fun you will have with him! Was he wearing his cowboy hat? I just picture him clomping around with his Western garb 24/7!

miruspeg said...

I love how kids can make us smile when we least expect to.

Hope you are keeping a book of these Jamesisms. I know Joseph's mother has a book of her two children's isms.


Roban said...

Love these Jamesisms! I thought I would always remember my Hannahisms, but I didn't. I hope you're better at putting them into writing....


Chimene said...

I love these little conversations!
So great you put them on paper (computer).


McMGrad89 said...

When I heard it, I asked my husband to remember it so I could write it here. I have never been good at writing my kids words of wisdom down. It is a little easier with a blog now. At least this way I can put them in a book later.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOL!!! Thanks! I needed a laugh today! :):):):):)

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