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Be Happy Anyway
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Little Word Play

I was on Color Combos Galore and they had my favorite color...purple as part of the challenge. I decided to participate, but couldn't decide what to design a page about. Then it hit me. Combine my penchant for purple with my voraciousness for vocabulary (sorry couldn't help myself.) The result is the following page.

Lewis Carroll coined the term portmanteau in Through the Looking Glass including the word galumph which was a combination of gallop and triumph. So what were the original words that formed these portmanteaux? Play along, just for fun of course by posting what you think the origins of these words are. Also, think of other portmanteaux that I couldn't fit into this page. Even better, coin your own.

Happy wordsmithing.


My scrappie life! said...

Love the page you've made!!
Love all the word combinations.
In Dutch they don't mix very great together :):)LOL!!


Octamom said...

Love this (you knew I would!)


lauren said...

LOVE this idea! too cute!!! and great way to use purple (it's the color I scrap the least, so inspiration is always good!)

miruspeg said...

As you know I played along with this word play on Scrapblog so I won't repeat them here.

Thinking about other portmanteau words how about:


Great fun but I must get out into the sunshine and do some gardening on my day off.

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