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Be Happy Anyway
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wisdom-Color Combo Challenge#91

In response to the challenge at Color Combos Galore, the only challenge blog that I can easily respond to without adding a new addiction to my many already existing ones, I have created the following page on Scrapblog.

I would like to thank LillyRose who posted the challenge on SIStv for directing me to the the Color Combos Galore blog. If you would like to participate or are just interested in seeing the color combos from this particular challenge, please got to Color Combos Galore Challenge #91.

Whew! That was probably one of the most link ladened blogs I have ever had the pleasure of doing. :-)

(Don't Worry Peggy, I haven't forgotten your tag. This one required less introspection.)


lisa said...

Love your use of the colours. lis x

maz said...

Lovely and striking colours!

miruspeg said...

You know I love everything about WISDOM!
Love the photos and I like the way we have to study what you have written in the background.
The words become more powerful as different ones jump out at you.
PS There is something special about Criminal Minds, I love each character for different reasons.
Derek and Garcia are probably my favourites

MJ said...

Great layout! I can hardly wait to get some scrapbooking in! I'm swamped with my Zombie Jar Swap!

Anonymous said...

That layout turned out great.
I haven't tried Scrapblog yet. I'm wanting to though.

Have a great Thursday.

Jan said...

I beat you to the Tagging Thanks to Peggy game! Check my blog....I'll be checking yours. I'm glad to know you're going to homecoming. Send up a little smile for my Dad while you're there, would you? I may have told you that he was one of the Ko Sari founders. At the time of his heart related hospitalizations, about 6 or 7 Ko Sari men showed up at the hospital just to bring cheer. I was so touched. The other remembrance I have of homecoming is taking our young son (years ago!) to see all the teepees. Good to hear from you - have fun when you go - and do the Tag thing!

Julie said...

Like your color combo layout looks great

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