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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Are There Any Original Songs

I have an uncanny knack for hearing songs in other songs. My daughter has inherited that quirk too. When she was little, she would hear a song on a movie theme and be able to tell you another movie theme that it was just like. I would be sitting in a restaurant that had a dinger for the door to let workers know that someone had walked in. I knew exactly that it was the first note for Oran Juice Jones' song "The Rain."

Weird...I know.

Anyway, so, I was driving down the highway when Kid Rock's newest song "All Summer Long"** starts playing on the radio and think, "Why is this Top 40 station playing 'Werewolves of London'?" Then the words to "Sweet Home Alabama" come belting out of the speakers but in Kid Rock's Voice. Now I am really confused, so I had to go try it out for myself. You can hear the different songs on the playlist (if it is working) above and see if I am correct in my thinking.

The big question of the day is, however, does anyone write anything new anymore? Do artists only sample and smash? Maybe it's just me. I hear artist after artist and say, "He/She sounds just like him/her." After a while a get confused and stop trying to figure out who's who. Yet another reason why I like Peggy's playlist better than creating my own.

**Note: Okay...There are some glitches with the playlist, so I have add links directly to videos of each song in case this happens again. Remember this is KidRock so you may want to only LISTEN to the song, not WATCH the video.


MJ said...

I'm just envious that you get to listen to real music in the car. As soon as K and/or N hop in the car, they insist on their music. It isn't so bad currently as we are listening to Annie Brocolli (French Canadian children's artist)

Marianne Hope said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! So nice to actually hear from some of the persons who read my stuff. About my goals, I'm doing good on some, others less. I'll have to do a summit in february next year, when a year has passed... I need more hours in a day..

Have a nice day..

Octamom said...

Totally know what you're talking about--I hear various chord structures, certain riffs and I'm off and running on a whole other song--only to find that, no, someone has shoplifted from the original! And, oh yes, the whole different artist doing a song as a cover thing--totally throws me. I love Chris Tomlin but was floored when I heard his 'release' of U2's Where the Streets Have No Name--really?!? Did it really need to be redone? Bono???


Anonymous said...

Your post made me chuckle! I have always had particular difficulty with the Star Wars theme and Superman - you try humming them back to back! And I have a theory - most are written by either John Williams or Danny Elfman. So go figure...
But honestly Superman/Star wars are the SAME tune! I SWEAR. It's like a mobius strip (<--- I know you like words ;o) I picked that up from your post on Middle Age Ramblings!

Fly Girl said...

I actually used something like this when teaching a lesson on plagiarism. Hopefully, KidRock paid for the use of the two tunes. There definitely wouldn't be any doubt that they were "borrowed!"

I can tell from all of your writings and scrapblogs that your home is full of warmth, too! I am trying to slow down and enjoy it all more.... I've always been one who hurried through life. I'm realizing that it slips away, way too fast.

Take care and enjoy your weekend. I know Christmas will be a joyous time for you all. Will he get to stay home then, or will he have to leave again?


Melissa B. said...

Dear Superior Scribbler: Sorry for the "canned" and unrelated nature of this comment, but I wanted to get to as many of you tonite as possible. One of the things that we at Scholastic Scribe are most proud of is the Silly Sunday Sweepstakes. Several of you are already familiar with the arbitrary and quite inane weekly attempt at humor...for you, and for those of you who have not yet played Sx3, I urge you to drop by Sunday to see what's up. Oh, and congrats on being named a SS. You earned it!

Lillsisslill said...

Love that you blogged about this! :)

Had fun listening to your playlist!!!

...and no I am not stalking you today.....or am I :D

Thanks for the e-mail. Have a great Sunday.

(((Big Hugs)))


MrsPeel said...

I have been moaning and groaning for something similar....because I reckon that, after the 80s, creativity went trash.
Everyone is doing covers (but oblivious to let the youngsters know they have not written the song) or copying songs so blatantly that angers me....

I love listening to music in the car, used to listen to the radio a lot, but now I make my own CDs, that way I dont combine my anger towards these days music with road rage!!! LOL

I'm so glad to have made my way here..
will be back later. (I m so very poorly)

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