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Be Happy Anyway
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Monday, October 13, 2008

What Lurks Inside?

From the outside it looks typical enough. The standard Maytag side-by-side refrigerator that I always dreamed of with the ice maker the CRUSHES the ice. It even has the requisite magnetic alphabet, children's artwork, notices of appointments, recipes of things I will never make but imagine in the perfect world of "someday" that I will. Quietly this modern convenience has become the mecca to the hungry child after school, the "starving" husband wondering if there is anything to munch on, home to leftovers never to see the actual light of day as something edible again. Not once has this keeper of the condiments ever cried out, clean me, empty me, love me. It doesn't ask to be thanked nor rewarded for steadfastly watching guard over our precious treats. Or does it?

The other day, after having suffered silently through our unfortunate day and a half power outage, the steadfast guardian of all that is yummy finally said it had had enough. I woke up and went to the fridge to get a glass of newly replaced milk and make some eggs for the kiddos only to find that the door was ajar and light in the fridge had remained on all night cooking ever so slightly everything I had just bought. All that survived is what you see below - minus the milk which I had run out and bought more of before the children revolted.

My husband laughed, saying it looked like a bachelor's fridge minus the beer.

Thank goodness for mustard olives and pickles. Maybe we should become vegetarians.


Octamom said...

Oh no!!! That's a tough and expensive way to clean out the fridge! Glad the power's back up and the fridge is (hopefully) restocked!!!

Loved your comments on the Selah--I love that episode of Raymond! You're so right--not taking out our spiritual trash is VERY much like that episode!! Too funny!

And yeah for Aunt Rose and her fall wardrobe purchasing generosity! It's so interesting to me the things that trigger such a neat memory--



Saw you on SIS..
You've got cracking up on your commentary about the fridge...but it's all so true!!
I have to say that it looks like mine..and not after a day of waste...our is just never full..even after we come back from the groceries...LOL. I must be doing something wrong!!
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's terrible. I hope that you were able to replenish before the family started a mutiny! great blog

Fly Girl said...

Oh, how terrible...! I must say, though, that your 'fridge looks like new. Something about seeing all of that open space ....

McMGrad89 said...

It is only year or so old. I was so in love with it when we bought it. If a fridge could be lemon, this is it. It waited until the warranty expired before it started making strange noises and popping open on its own.

miruspeg said...

Poor you and I mean that literally, it much have been very expensive replacing all that food.

I do love the way you write, very descriptive the way you humanised your fridge.......and now he/she is very sad to be called a 'lemon'....maybe you two could make up and be friends!


AVT Coach said...

So sorry for your loss!! That is tough on the budget. I guess you can now start over categorizing the shelves and enjoying that fresh clean feeling...that is until one or two more trips to the store where everyone helps you put stuff away and it is all crowded in every which way ..oh, I am so sorry...that is my fridge!! :)
Great post!

Anonymous said...

how funny. not in a funny kind of way either. got up to make hubbys lunch today and my fridge almost looks like that. i don't know about you, but i DO NOT like going to the grocery store. could it be because i don't like to cook?

have a super tuesday.

MJ said...

Oh, dear, what a way to start the day! Glad there wasn't a mutiny which would have added extra dimension to the day too! Hope the upcoming week is better!

miruspeg said...

Your acronym over at my blog for POVERTY was very clever and 'left of center' - which is what I enjoy about your thinking!
Thanks for being you!
Enough to
Years of service

PS Left of Center is a great Suzanne Vega song!!!

Octamom said...

Hey There! I'm thinking the Cabinet Pirates could help clear out the rest of the fridge, should you need the help! ;o) Hard for me to say who was the ring leader on this one--7 of 8 was definitely working the charm factor, though...

And, yeah, could you totally tell from the weather today that I had actually made the effort to style my hair? Never fails. I am the rainmaker, girl, the rainmaker...


Karen said...

That stinks (no pun intended)! Sorry that happened but it's a good story that made me chuckle.

WNCRod said...

I got the bug about two weeks ago and completely cleaned out our fridge. Wiped down the entire inside. Took out all the shelves and drawers and washed them. I bet we've got the cleanest fridge in town.

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