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Be Happy Anyway
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Friday, August 15, 2008

Tusen Takk (Literally "A Thousand Thanks")

I wanted to thank everyone who has helped make this time easier for mother, brother and me. There is no way I could list everyone, but in general the following things truly were helpful.

Food - We had so much food brought to Mom's house over the past week, that I think she will still be eating it long after the guests are gone. Something about good eats helps take away a little bit of the pain of losing someone. I am not sure why, maybe because we think of being social when we eat and let our guards down, and we forget that we are supposed to be sad.

Hugs - So many people came to visit us that I couldn't believe it. The line went out the door on Monday and the church was packed on Tuesday. Mom said she had so many hugs that she had to go the optician to get her glasses adjusted from all the squeezing.

My brother - He is so wonderful and so helpful. He figured a way to get photos off my dad's "deflicted" computer so that we could give them to the funeral home for their slide show on Monday night. I took those pictures and a couple more and used them to make a slideshow on If the link works, it will show up below.

There is no way for me to thank everyone, but please know that if you did something for us, it was certainly noticed.


kim brimhall said...

this is so special:)

judean said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love how you used wilna's birdies in your tribute for your dad!

Cassie said...

so lovely!

Shan in Japan said...

I have been away from internet service for a while and just got back today. Just wanted to say I was sorry to read about your dad's death but I know he is with Jesus. I pray the hugs continue long after the food has been eaten. Prayers!

letti said...

that was a sweet sweet tribute for your dad. *hugs*

McMGrad89 said...

Tusen takk, muchas gracias, grazie mille, etc. I appreciate all of your comments and support during this time. We are doing quite well right now and school is about to start to keep us busy.

lma said...

My (belated) condolences on your loss. I remember how difficult it was when my father passed, and now I'm dealing with ongoing health issues of my mother's and having had to put here in a care facility after having taken care of her pretty much on my own for the past three and a half years.

And thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment on my blog. I've been absent for so long that I didn't think anyone was still dropping by at all.

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