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Be Happy Anyway
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cell Phone Slap Happy

You know, after feeling so bad for so long you finally have a break where everything is just funny. Yesterday was that day.

I was coming out of the grocery story feeling sad about everything that has been going on these past few days when I heard the phone ringing in my car. It was my mother who had taken my brother to buy some clothes for my father's funeral this coming week. She wanted to know what color pants my husband had and if I thought he would like a new shirt to wear. I didn't know, so I thought I would try something I had never tried before which was three-way calling. I told her to hold on and not hang up and hit the send button. Next, I called my husband, but the phone rang and rang. I was ready to hang up on him so I hit the send button again when I heard him say, "Hello," and I heard my mom say, "Hi." My husband had no idea I was on the other line. My experiment worked. Finally, I had to say that I was on the other line too. When I got home, he asked me where I was when mom was talking to him, and I had to explain the whole process all over again.

Later I was at my mom's house and my brother was there. Mom had been puttering around finally got a moment to sit down with the two of us. Somehow the topic of the earlier phone conversation came up, and my brother asked me how I did it so I explained. He had to try it out because he didn't believe it would work. That is when I got a funny idea. Why don't we see how many people we can get on one conversation? My brother called mom, mom called to dad's old phone and my brother used that phone to call me. I in turn called my husband. There we were, three grown people just laughing away when my husband answered. I am sure he thought we must have lost our minds, but it was so funny to hear ourselves talking in the room and on the phone and to wonder how many people we could get on a conference call using only cell phones.

My brother figured that theoretically we could get everyone with a cell phone in the US on a conference and possibly the world. That would be a great test of the Six Degrees of Separation theory, wouldn't it?

It was great to just sit and laugh with my mom and brother and let loose a little of the grief. I am sure we were quite a sight, but if my dad had been there, he would have jumped right in on the fun. Do you think conference calls can be made to heaven on a cell phone?


Sharmaine said...

Oh how cool would that be, although I wouldn't like to see the bill lol

miruspeg said...

There you go again Annemarie making me laugh at your antics!
Your father was there with you in spirit enjoying every moment.
I like the reference to giving new meaning to the theory 'six degrees of separation'!

MJ said...

This seems to ring of something: has your family tried to pile as many people they can in a Volkswagon Beetle? A telephone booth?

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