Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just Dive Right In

So I did it! I used a page in my new journal.

I am low on things to collage with (when I say "low" I mean "don't got no.") A certain procrastinator who shall remain nameless and isn't me hasn't found a new place to live yet so most of our household goods sit in a warehouse waiting for us. So I resort to straight out illustration and water color.

Send out those good vibes, break out your voodoo dolls, pray for angels, whatever it takes to get that someone to call the movers or choose a new apartment. I would do it myself, but it's funny how those rental agencies kinda like their renters to have an income.

1 comment:

MJ said...

If I had voodoo dolls, I'd use them for other purposes ~ the traditional way! Perhaps sticky notes placed at opportune places would be better? Suggested locations: Lunch box? Shaving lotion cap? Inside his wallet? On his favorite bank card/credit card?

All sticky notes with a happy face! Of course!

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