Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cuz I Don't Remember...

...when I last had a good night's sleep and it doesn't seem it is coming anytime soon.

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Texas where I and four friends/family members cleaned and painted my living room/dining room and kitchen. We also got painted the front porch and eliminated most of the evidence that swallows had made a home in my portico. I couldn't have finished it all without the help of two of my best friends and my aunt and uncle. (Actually they are those relatives that are related to me so obscurely, that it is hard to describe.) Regardless, they were all invaluable. Mom and I also ordered carpet for the house. She will be making sure that gets done.

After a long weekend of reaching and bending and carpet ripping and dirt and paint, I headed back to Missouri again. When I got home eleven hours later, I crashed on the couch and didn't get up until 5:30 a.m. Now I have to prep for the next part of the tour. I am heading to North Carolina for my brother's wedding. The kiddos and I leave Wednesday and will make it back Monday night provided all goes well.

Today's to do list includes a haircut for James that should have taken place Saturday while I was gone, a trip to Hobby Lobby for a mask for Caitlin for a language arts project, shopping for shoes for James because he lives in sneakers and sandals and doesn't own a pair of dress shoes, an oil change before the 16 hour drive, painting my nails...I am sure there is more, but I don't remember.

I will be so glad when I can be home for a while. I don't want to think about the fact that the house is still not ready to sell. I just want to be able to make this place home.

Today's Music Note: You are listening to Phil Collin's "Take Me Home." (This version appears to be a remix.) Being a teen in the 80s I have a fondness for Genesis and more specifically Phil Collin's. Yesterday as I was driving home, Sirius XM Satellite Radio kept me company. As I was driving through the DARK Missouri highways, this song came on and let me know it would be the next song on my playlist.There were several other songs I noted, but this one stuck with me this morning so here it is. I am too tired to think of a question of the day. Please talk amongst yourselves.


Rieni said...

take good care of yourself with all those busy things and have a good trip to your brother, and return savely!!

Marit said...

And then I came along with more questions and work for you... and you did it! I feel really guilty now Annemarie! I hope you got everything done and you will have a good time at your brother's wedding, (is he the one from the A-Z photo blog - years ago? That's how we 'met', remember?) Relax and keep breathing my friend!!! Big hug!

MJ said...

Things are coming along! That's a good sign! Soon enough your new home will feel just as comfy for you!

PS: I can't hear either playlist so I'm playing Genius in my head as I type!

miruspeg said...

You have been in my thoughts a lot lately Annemarie and I always send you love and light to help you on your journey.
Take care dear friend and have fun at your brothers wedding.
Love you!
Peggy xxxxxx

Tricia said...

Have a good trip this weekend. Love Phil Collins! Glad to find your blog :). We're driving to Atlanta to pick up a camper we bought from my brother. Nothing like 1200 miles in two and a half days! Be safe

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