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Be Happy Anyway
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Best In Show

I love this girl! It doesn't take an outside jury to tell me she's the best, but it sure is nice to hear it every so often.
Today was the art show at her school where two junior high school art departments were represented. There was a wide variety of work there. I am impressed with what the art teachers at the two schools are able to accomplish with limited resources and schools cutting back on the fine arts. Without this art program, Caitlin would never have been able to try her hand at the so many different media.

Clay Mask (self portrait)

Glazed Pottery

Foil Collage

Hammered Pendant and Earrings

Charcoal Self Portrait - Best in Show!!!

The funny thing is she had homework and I suggested she ask her teacher if she could leave the show after 30 minutes. The teacher said it was important that she stay for the award ceremony and that she should dress up. When she was awarded 4th place for the glazed pottery, I thought she was done and put the camera away. Imagine my surprise when they said they had three more awards to give. As they said "Best in Show," I heard Cait.... You should have seen me scrambling for the camera. How exciting!

So proud of you Caitlin.


Marit said...

Congrats!!!! And wow... is she talented!!! No wonder that selfportrait was best in show, it's breathtaking fabulous!!!

NaehVision said...

Congratulations! Very, very nice. I like her selfportrait.


GG said...

Congrats to your daughter. She did a wonderful job on the self portrait and I like her pottery pieces too.

Rieni said...

WOW, that is great!!!! congratulations

miruspeg said...

I was blown away by Cait's self portrait! So pleased she was rewarded with so many prizes.
Hope her new school in Missouri has these sort of art programs and good inspiring teachers.

Give her a big hug for me please.
Peg xxxxxx

Thinkie said...

congrats, that self portrait looks great indeed!

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