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Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Calendar Journal

In January, I started following Kate and her Calendar Journal at her blog The Kathryn Wheel. She encouraged us do something similar and share it. I never got around to doing the January one. Then I decided to go ahead and write something down each day for February until I could get a book for the journal. I started out fine, but I never got a page made for February. Then I did the same for March. I did, however, get a page made for March. It wasn't what I had planned, and I found that the pages of the book I bought were a little smaller than I thought. I decided to press forward anyway. By April, I had figured out the exact layout and how to fit up to 31 days on two pages.

I measured 2 inch squares with spaces in between each square. I painted each square a different color using some inexpensive water colors (lesson learned, by the way,) and used a monthly theme for the colors.

I have prepainted May and June so far.

I am not using the backs of the pages for calendar journaling. Instead, I will prime the pages for some sort of art journal pages.

I am currently working on a title page which I have prepped with torn brown paper sack and Mod Podge and will gesso over that so I can paint it.

I know I am supposed to be prepping my house for moving, but I am easily distracted. And this is more fun anyway.


Anonymous said...

It sure looks like a lot more fun then moving!!! LOVe the colours for the May and June pages... and your tiny handwriting and drawing in the squares. Keep it going!

miruspeg said...

You have a wonderful creative streak Annemarie. I agree with Marit it is much more fun working on a project like this than prepping your house.
Keeping shining dear friend.
Peggy xxxx

MJ said...

I too would be trying to avoid packing. Good luck with that!

Happy Easter to you too!

Sheila MJ said...

Oh I love your pages - its great using watercolours to paint the squares - well done !

thekathrynwheel said...

Wow, your calendar pages look really great. I haven't done my April page yet but sometimes life gets in the way! I'm sure that making your calendar pages is way more interesting than packing up to move house!

Thinkie said...

Those pages look great!

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