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Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nothing Complicated & the White Phone to God

As promised, I have devised a plan to help Caitlin remember to do homework that has been assigned and turn in work that she completes (oddly enough, a very hard thing for her to do.)

This binder looks normal enough.

Most kids can put things in it and make it to and from school without much difficulty. Unless the inside of the binder looks like this:
So today, went to the office supply store and looked for something a little more durable. I also pictured in my mind clear pockets with tabs so Caitlin could see that she had papers to take home or to turn in. Imagine my surprise when they had exactly what I wanted.

I was also at Michael's next door a little earlier and found this:
A pad of weekly calendars

I put these things together like this:
The idea is for Caitlin to be able to write the assignments she receives each day on the pad and place any worksheets or works in progress in the clear pockets. Once she completes them, she can place them in the pockets that have been labeled for each subject since most completed doesn't get turned in because she forgets them.

I am hoping this is simple enough a plan for her to use everyday. We shall see.


On another note:

James and I had another stimulating conversation today after I gave him my junk mail.

J: Wow! Look at the prizes. Mom if you call God, he'll bring you prizes in the mail.
(James has figured out the secret to Publisher's Clearing House.)

M: Did you call God?

J: No, I have to be bigger.

M: You can call him now.

J: I will need something to stand on.

M: Why?

J: Is He tall?

M: Yes, God is bigger than everything.

J: Okay, I will dial 119.

Later, after being scolded for breaking into his sister's room he told me he needed to use the White Phone.

I guess it's God's version of the President's Red Phone.


miruspeg said...

Well you have certainly dotted all the eyes and crossed all the tees Annemarie. Looks like a great binder. Fingers crossed that everything goes well.

We have already had a fun conversation about the "White phone" I won't go there. :P

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome binder Annemarie! Some plan you had! Hope it works... and is God yet reached? What did he say?

MJ said...

What a great idea for the binder! I hope it works.

As for James, next time he reaches for the white phone, play this link for him:

Apparently, someone a couple decades ago had the same idea as him....

Shell said...

too cute!
love the binder idea, will have to work on that for my son.

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