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Be Happy Anyway
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Friday, January 18, 2013

Sketchbook Project 2013 - Dwellings

I am not sure why I do it, but I am such a procrastinator.

However, this year is my year to FINISH the things I start. For example, tomorrow I WILL clean my kitchen. But the biggest project I have completed so far is my entry to Sketchbook Project 2013 from the Art House Co-op, a traveling library of sketchbooks.

I decided that since most of you will not be near one the 8 showings around the United States I would share my pages with you.

But first here is a great video about the project.

The Sketchbook Project, London 2012 from You and I Films on Vimeo.

You will notice that my pages change style along the way. That's because 1) I procrastinated and was running out of time; and 2) I was running out of different ideas that fit the theme.

So take a look:

The Cover 
(chipboard, Sharpie paint pen, Gellie roll pen, Micron pen)

House in the Hills 
(aquarelle paper, water color, Micron pen)

Waiting Room Aquarium 
(aquarelle paper, water color, Micron pen)

Woodland Home 
(aquarelle paper, water color, Micron pen, 3-D faerie sticker)

Home Away From Home
(water color, Micron pen, color pencil)

Home Within the Walls
(water color, Micron pen, color pencil)

At Home In the Hive
(water color, Micron pen, color pencil)

"Mobile" Home
(water color, Micron pen)

Tree House
(water color, Micron pen)

Floating Home 
(water color, Micron pen)

Unexpected Home 
(water color, Micron pen)

Tiny Home
(water color, Micron pen)

Ancient Home
(Alcázar, Segovia) 
(water color, Micron pen)

Indigenous Home  
(water color, Micron pen)

 Art Lives in My Heart 
(water color, Micron pen)

My challenge to you is if you are anywhere near the tour, make trip out to see this amazing collection. I have marked my calendar to catch a glimpse of my book and get inspired by the others in the collection.  Oh and if you are so inclined, get on the Art House Co-op email list so you can hear about their many projects. Maybe your book will be next to mine in 2014.


Marit said...

I visit this post for the third time now ... every time I'm ready to start my comment, I get interrupted (my son walks in, M. asks me to do something et cetera) Not this time I let nobody come in between 'cause I want to tell you these pages are gorgeous! LOVE both the 'bit of color' ones as well as the black and white pages. Great sketches!

Roban said...

These are beautiful sketches, Annemarie, and I love the theme. You're very talented! And isn't it great to FINISH something?!

Anonymous said...

Annemarie, these are fabulous sketches. i LOvE em! good for you for finishing what you start!

Sharon Fritchey said...

Annemarie, I just "met" you over at the "Mixed Emotions" workshop! I absolutely love your amazing sketches. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. And YAY for finishing your project! I am looking forward to the workshop and getting to know everyone better!

Wendy said...

wow, love your awesome sketches! hugs, Wendy

Michelle Gautreaux said...

beautiful work, the "mobile" home is precious!

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