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Be Happy Anyway
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Have you heard of UFOs?

No, not this kind:

I mean Un-Finished Objects - those projects you have started and for one reason or another never complete. They could be creative projects or work related. Maybe you cut a pile of pretty papers in preparation for making your own Christmas cards. Or maybe you still have boxes that need to be unpacked from your move two years ago. Do you have an unfinished quilt or sweater calling your name? I do.

That's why my OLW (one little word) for 2013 is FINISH. I want to live my life with a sense of accomplishment.

Yesterday, I woke up and realized that I am exactly three months away from being able to move out of this temporary house into my own house. My life is finally moving on. Then I started thinking about all of things I need to get done before then.

First and foremost is the Sketchbook Project because it has a specific due date (1/31/13). Next, I need to get my family situation in order so I can move on with my life. I also need to finish organizing my craft supplies because when I move into my house in April I am going to set up my dining room as my dedicated craft area. (Don't worry folks. My kitchen is big enough to eat in.) Finally, I have a tiny quilt that I sewed for Caitlin before she was born (yes, she is about to turn 16) that needs quilting and binding. It isn't big enough for anything anymore but to say, "Hey, I made that!" but it will be FINISHED!

Here are two pages I have FINISHED for the Sketchbook Project. I chose the theme DWELLINGS.

 By the time 2013 is over, maybe I will have finished enough things to be able to choose START as my word for 2014. But one thing at a time.


Roban said...

Oh, boy, I may have to borrow your word from time to time. I still have a few Christmas decorations waiting for storage.

Good for you though! Crossing things off our to-do lists does give us a great feeling of accomplishment. And I love your word idea for 2014. That will be a great way to start of that new year!

Jeanet said...

Hi Annemarie, so good to come back here! You are fantastic to even try and make things with great love, wether it is finished or not!! It wil come in time! I LOVE your sketch pages, awesome! Hope you get your family situation in order, that should get you some peace. One step at a time sweetie!!
Hang in there, you are doing so great!!

miruspeg said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere my friend.....we have missed your utterings!

I too have so many unfinished projects, so like Roban I am going to borrow your word in 2013 (I hope!).

I can feel your excitement about moving back into your own home, hope it is goes smoothly.

UFO could also stand for Unbelievably Fun Outings.

As always big hugs
Peggy ♥♥♥

Marit said...

I like the translation Peggy (Miruspeg) gives for UFO... hahaa... I do have Unbelievably Unfinished Fun Objects - not too much though so it's still managable... I wish you Utterly Fabulous Opportunities in 2013.

Kim Dellow said...

Oh love your sketches! Kim

scrappyjacky said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog....I'm really hoping that having 'finish' as my OLW will spur me into action!!
I,too,have some unfinished quilting....better add that to the list as well!!

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