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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was ushered in with a icy blast and some fluffy snow. Being bundled up in the house led me to want to warm it up with my defective oven.

I found a recipe for brownies on the internet and got to mixing. Unfortunately, the oven and I have been having a battle for awhile. The temperature is inconsistent so I just guess on the baking time. The brownies came out soupy in the middle and done on the sides. I pulled them out anyway, but they ended up needing a little more baking time so in they went again. (Bad idea.) Now I have some VERY crunchy brownies, but they taste very good.
I need to invest in some parchment paper to line my baking pans.

I also dipped Oreos into dark chocolate and decorated them with white chocolate. These goodies made there way into James and Gary's lunch boxes. Cait was out the door so early this morning that I forgot to send her to school with hers.

Here are my Valentine's creations:

Now, I am off to get ready for work and to put on a pair of these:
Have a happy Valentine's Day!


MJ said...

Your socks will light up your day! Happy Valentine's Day to you! Keep warm!

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

wow. your doodles are as lovely as always. :)

and those chocolates are so yummy yum.

Roban said...

Snow... brrrr. We jump from 30 to 70 within days. Love the socks, by the way! And the Valentines!

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