Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Monday, February 13, 2012


Well, I did it.

I went blonde, something I have wanted to do for awhile. I love it. It's actually blonder than the picture. It was just SOOOOO windy Saturday, and I couldn't get a picture outside of the car without crying from the cold air.

What else is going on??

Well, today is a snow day. I woke up to the 5:45 a.m. alarm and woke up my daughter, but then I realized it was supposed to snow last night, so I turned on the local news. Sure enough, it snowed and there was no school. I have been up ever since. I feel a little nap coming on today.

Some news on the FEATURING Magazine front - There is a preview available at the FEATURING website. Check it out. Very exciting. And if you haven't signed up to be updated on the subscription, now's the time.  While you are previewing the magazine, click on the STAY INFORMED link at the top of the home page. This is going to be a great magazine.

Very exciting....did I say that already? Well, it's true.

Hope you are all staying warm on this wintery day.


Cozyflier said...

Beautiful Annemarie!!!! Love the blonde. You are braver than me, I only did blonde highlights a few years back!! But alas, I have gone back to brown :-)

You you look great in blonde locks!!

We too have a snow day, it snowed on and off all day yesterday, and with the frigid cold temps the roads are icy.

Stay safe and warm. Hugs,


MJ said...

Excellent! You'll now be able to test try the "blondes have more fun" phrase! Go bold, Blondie!

miruspeg said...

I love the new blonde you Annemarie....very sexy!!
I have seen the preview of the Featuring Magazine and it looks super.
Keep shining my bold friend.
Peggy xxxxx

Is It Really All Random? said...

Love it! Get down with your bad, bad, blonde self!

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