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Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

What Do You Do...

...when it's a raining cats and dogs outside, all your chores are done and your daughter has an 89 in art!?? You head out to the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City to get 20 points extra credit. That's what you do.

In order to earn the extra credit, she had to visit an art gallery, museum or art show and turn in a two page report about the experience and include a brochure from the museum and throw in a photo of herself for good measure at the exhibit.

Fortunately, this museum allows photos as long as you don't use a flash. Oddly enough, they don't like sketchbooks, though. (She is not holding a sketchbook, it is a notebook so she remembers what she liked at the museum.)

We made our way through the driving rain, wipers going full force, thanked the parking gods for indoor parking and began our pilgrimage through the museum (all three floors.) It was quite an experience considering I had a six year old in tow. (I thought her father was coming along to be the boy wrangler.) Surprisingly enough, the boy was well behaved. In fact, the two of them were so civilized that I didn't know if I had accidentally picked up the wrong children while I was checking our coats in. After a double check and some photographic proof, I was relieved to see they were my own children.

There were some wonderful and diverse exhibits including a collection of Rodin on loan from the Iris & B Gerald Cantor Foundation . I asked Caitlin, "Who has THIS just lying around the house?" (If that link doesn't work click here to watch the video.) The collection was amazing and definitely worth seeing more than once, especially minus the six year old.

All in all, it was a lovely visit. I can't wait to go out with the two of them again. I think James will get to pick the destination next time. Something with a little more action.

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Thinkie said...

I bet you knew I was going to comment on this one! ;-) Great that they liked it! Lots of museums here have activities or more interactive exhibitions for kids, maybe there are museums like that in your area? Send Cait over for a couple of weeks after her graduation, lots of art museums within one or two hours travel from here! ;-)

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