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Be Happy Anyway
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Some Fun in the Missouri Sun

It's not supposed to be that hot here, but it is. I guess the Texas heat felt lonely without me and decided to stow away in my luggage for my holiday.

Regardless, it has been nice seeing where we will be living in a few weeks. (Date still undetermined.)

Meanwhile, I will share with you a few pics I was able to snap before the camera battery died. (Left my personal camera at home and DH doesn't believe in fresh batteries, I guess.)

Friday, the city held a fun celebration in honor of Fourth of July ( a few days early.) It was a fun, exciting, well planned event with activities for the kids and good traffic control afterward.
The stilt walker was a nice guy. Tried to have fun with James but he would have no part of it so here he is with my husband.

I always worry when I send Caitlin off to get her face painted. This one wasn't too bad considering she once came back with her entire face painted black because she insisted to the face painter that it was okay to be black cat.

James was happy to get a balloon tiger even though he kept calling it a lion.

Tossing the ball around while waiting for the fireworks show.

A little goofing off with daddy.

Saturday was our 17th anniversary. My husband got a toaster oven and kitchen towels. It's to make up for the Ab Doer he bought me once for Mother's Day. Happy Anniversary, Honey.


MJ said...

Great face painting for Caitlin! Looks like a fun day for all!

I visited the Ab Doer website & I think dh's got many years of household appliances and accessories to come to make up for the Ab Doer.

Nona said...

A lovely choice for face panting. Looks like a fun time was had by all!

Thinkie said...

Hey, you probably did him a favour, now he can have little fresh pizza's each night!
Happy 17th anniversary! We're celebrating our 5th next month.

Marit said...

Days in the sun, enjoying each other and fooling around with balloons... that's the best! Love the photos!

Roban said...

It looks like you had a fun time in Missouri. The anniversary present probably made his top five face list. My husband once gave me not one but THREE different types of vacuum cleaners one Christmas (I think the Christmas just days after our daughter was born). Needless to say, he does most of our vacuuming. Glad you got home safely!

ABW said...

Looks like a great time!!!

I cracked up with the anniversary presents!

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