Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Ever Just Have One of Those Days?

Due to confidentiality issues I can't discuss the current issue at school that makes me want to lay like this elephant seal, but I know that this too will pass.

I just saw the photo and it made me smile - something I needed today.


Silver said...

i know what you mean. I wrote something about this emotion recently.

Many things bug us- but not everything we can talk about.

Hope things fall into place the way you had hoped, my dear.


Brandi said...

Oh Yes! To be able to just "be" like that seal!

Love it!


Veronica Starr said...

lol! yes, yes... i have days like those!!!

Fly Girl said...

I've been having a few weeks of those days lately (thus my absence from blogland), and could certainly commiserate over school issues!

Roban (and I love your new layout... I wonder if St. Patrick's Day can be extended into April for me?)

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