Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Reflecting On Our Words.

My friends and I (Flygirl, Miruspeg, Octamom and AVTCoach) are embarking on this year long joint venture this month.

We are working together to create posts about our word of the year. This was inspired by the Zen in You (Caroline) where we each picked a word to inspire, motivate or direct us through the year.

This month we have decided to use a form of poetry called an acrostic to express our take on our special word. The following are our contributions to this effort:

Miruspeg from Middle Aged Ramblings

B elieve in yourself.
A llow the positive energy to flow your way.
L ook, learn, laugh and Love.
A lways allow for a few stumbles along the way.
N ever give up or stop trying.
C limb that mountain, till you reach the top.
E njoy the journey.

Octamom of Octamom(c)
xxoN a

AVTCoach from This Abundant Life

*A*tone for your hurtfulness.
*B*id farewell to judgment.
*U*tilize your mind.
*N*otice your surroundings.
*D*raw on support from friends.
*A*cknowledge* *the gifts of others.
*N*ullify negativity.
*C*reate moments of meaning.
*E*mbrace the little things.

McMgrad89 (me)
D evelop better habits of daily living.
I nform friends of my plans. They will keep me accountable.
S leep at least 7 hours a week night.
C ook 5 days a week.
I mpossible will no longer be a part of my vocabulary.
P lan weekly meals.
L eave the house on time to relieve stress.
I nactivity will not be tolerated.
N ew sneakers will be purchased immediately!
E xercise at least three days a week

Flygirl of Moments in Time

Freedom to enjoy life’s precious moments.
Acceptance of God’s plans.
Imagining the possibilities.
Trusting that my life is in God’s capable and loving hands.
Humbling myself as I relinquish control.

Joy is…

It is my prayer that each one of us moves closer toward our goal for the year. If you have not had a chance to go to Caroline and Zen in You, please do. Choose a word for growth or change. Let us know about it, too. There is strength in numbers.


miruspeg said...

Great minds think alike Annemarie!
I like the photo you chose for yourself.

Your last words, 'strength in numbers'.....wise words.

Have a great weekend.

avtcoach said...

I love this post Annemarie! Very classy! On my bloglist sidebar you picture is on Peggy's and her picture is beside yours...Interesting, you both are very connected!
This will be a fun year! Also, thank you for linking to Caroline again!

Fly Girl said...

We got it done! I'm so glad you came up with the idea for this post. It was fun creating the poems, and you explained things so well here.


Octamom said...

Yeah! I so enjoyed doing the acrostic and really defining what my word means for me--and loved seeing what everyone else's words entail for them!


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