Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Monday, January 12, 2009

How am I Doing?

Just a short post to look at my goal of Cooking 5 days a week.

  • Saturday 1/10 - Sliders (mini burgers)
  • Sunday 1/11 - Chicken Noodle Soup (had enough leftovers for two lunches)
  • Monday 1/12 - Rice and Polish Sausages w/ Beans is slated for tonight.
  • Tuesday 1/13 - Spaghetti (using ground turkey for the meat)
  • Wednesday and Thursday I am not usually home, but if I start thinking now, I could make a crock pot meal.
  • Friday is still up in the air.

Okay, I am off to look up crock pot meals and to get my menu planned for next week, too.

(Yes, Peggy. I have made a list.)

Post Note: I found a nice site to plan my meals for a week, get recipes and add the necessary ingredients to a saved shopping list. Wednesday is now broccoli stuffed baked potatoes and Thursday is "Pigs in a Blanket" because I can prepare the "Pigs" ahead of time and store them in the fridge until I get home for a quick meal with James and they will stay warm in the toaster oven until Gary and Caitlin get home from dance. Then I can run off to dance myself. That's the plan for now.


Jan said...

You go girl! Looks like you're doing great! When I used to have kids @ home, it made all the difference in the world when I made a plan. The Crock Pot is any cook's best friend! Congrats!

Maggie Madison said...

Hi there. I like the variety of what you've got goin on here. I hope to become inspired with my ongoing battle with menus--they bite! LOL

MJ said...

Wow! I usually stand in front of the freezer contemplating what meat to remove for the evening. If I am really organized, I will take it out the night before, especially if I'm having a roast! I love having a deep (chest) freezer!

MJ said...

My freezer will soon be hosting 1/2 pig and 1/2 steer, all raised at a distant family member's farm (so we know how it was treated/raised). My freezer also has 2 roasting chickens. (We had a poor potato year this year but produced over 300 lbs of potatoes in 2007. Hope the 2009 year produces good potatoes.) We only buy lunch meat and chicken at the store.

My family (5 extra adults) is descending upon my house this weekend (for my maternal grandmother's funeral) and I'll be reaching into the depths of my freezer to bring out homemade frozen lasagnas, three-cheese pasta, breads (most of which were homemade by my mother) and desserts. I'm not planning on cooking much when they are here. When they are here, I'm just going to try to get sleep and not stress myself out so that I don't cause injury to my back.

Chimene said...

So great you have the time to do this!!!
I never have enough time to cook. It's always peak hour in my house when it's time to cook. But since
hubby found out he likes to cook we have an extensive dinner every day:) lol

xxxx Chimene

The Tucker's and Wolek's said...

YUMMY!!!!!! What time???? I'll be over!!! Hehehehe :):):):):):):)

Coachdad said...

Love spaghetti... care to share?

miruspeg said...

Looks like you are doing good, Annemarie!
Making lists, shopping, cooking you are a STAR!

I fell off the tight-rope for a couple of days, but I seem to be balanced again at this moment in time.

Take care and enjoy your disiplined life.

MrsPeel said...

I'm gonna give you some recipes of stuff I cook for us,cheap, easy to cook meals... :)

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