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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Chaos

I have written about CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) on Myspace before, and have claimed to conquer it. Not entirely true, but things are better than before.

A different kind of chaos reigns supreme in our household, that of the canine kind. About 4 years ago we rescued a puppy from local animal shelter. You may ask what kind of dog it is, and to that I will defer to the opinion of the shelter which called her a Catahoula Leopard dog. Though that label is highly suspect. The older she got, the more she looked like she had a lot of German Shepard in her. However, my daughter still insists on calling her a Catahoula Leopard dog and justifies it by the ONE little spot left on her tail.

Zoey ................................... Real Catahoula

For a short-haired dog, she certainly sheds a lot. Even though she is a large dog, she is an inside dog. This is partially due to the high temperatures we have in the summer and that she doesn't understand the concept of going IN to the doghouse that is sitting in the shade. Because of this, we keep her in a kennel in the house at night and when we are gone during the day. I can't imagine that it is fun for her, but she never complains when asked to go in the kennel. So imagine my surprise when yesterday morning we woke to find that she had soiled her cage. Afraid that she might have the same accident like that while we were out, we let her stay outside.

That evening the kennel was still sitting outside (thanks to dear hubby) so he said it would be okay to let her stay in the house when we went to bed. She proved him wrong. This morning I woke to find presents left in various places. Needless to say, she had to stay outside again today, and hubby got the honor of cleaning it up.

The kennel is back in the house now. Let's just pray that Zoeygirl stays well enough to keep it clean.


MJ said...

Interesting. Dog psychology. I never took a class on that. Perhaps she is ill? If not, perhaps she's annoyed that you have returned to school and left her alone? I haven't mastered child psychology yet so it might be best to leave dog psychology undisturbed. Good luck, Zoey!

letti said...

oh dear..Our dog henry stays in a crate at night too, which he had done since he was a baby. He doesn't soil his crate hardly ever, except if he has some brand of dog food that isn't his usual. Hope it goes well with zoeygirl.

McMGrad89 said...

Well, we made it through the night unscathed.

WNCRod said...

Catahoula Shepherd dog, mayhaps? She's a sweetie. Wish I could've taken her for ya, but Ivan would've eaten her... and he's about half her size.

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