Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Friday, January 2, 2015


Now that 2015 is here, I find myself reflecting on 2014 and trying to choose a word to direct my life. A lot as happened this year and I want to move on. Since July my main goal was to accept the hand I was dealt. This year I would like to move FORWARD. I know that's what my love would have wanted for me.

So as this year ends I will share with you how I worked through the pain and heartache of Bobby's loss. I kept a daily art journal where I wrote to him and shared with him the things I would have told him on the ride to work and in our evening talks. Here are a few of the last pages I made to help me through.

In the future I hope to use this blog to help me continue in a FORWARD direction. I would like to do that through storytelling, especially stories about my children and the crazy and wonderful things they do everyday. I remember how much joy that brought me during previous trials and I believe that writing will help me again. I also look FORWARD to creating more. I am not sure what form these creations will take, but there will be art journaling and crafts and furniture and many more things. Finally, I will press FORWARD in improving my physical health while running and cooking more for my children. I have Pinterest boards full of things I have been wanting to try. 2015 will be the year I cook more.

So in true Annemarie fashion, this blog will go back to the cornucopia of goodies that span all interests. I may even bring back the music.

Happy New Year. What will you be focusing on this year?


miruspeg said...

Forward is a very powerful word Annemarie.
It's great to see you blogging again my friend.
I am back blogging as well, I missed this media platform.

My One little word for 2015 is "Connecting".

Oh and YES please bring back the music!

Big hugs
Peggy xxxxxxx

Marit said...

It's good to see that writing/art journaling helped you coping with emotions during sad times... I find (for myself) writing helps me even more than the visual arts when I'm dealing with emotions like sadness, anger etcetera. You made some beautiful and bold pages there Annemarie! Forward sounds like a word I would choose for 2015 too... but I choose a 'theme' (song lyric) for this year instead of a word. It does have affinity with 'forward' though.. I'll blog about it soon. Have a great Sunday my friend!

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