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Be Happy Anyway
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Where Has the Motivation Gone?

Since the beginning of the year,  (and even most of the year before that) I have been making a habit of documenting what's been going on in my life. Mostly I have been doing it in some sort of art journal. I began fashioning my thoughts after the Chronicles of Marit with a mixture of Dion Dior until about a month ago when I put the pen and paintbrush down and somehow forgot to pick them back up.

How does that happen? Sure, I have skipped a day or two and come back right away to where I left off, but what makes a person put the book down and never come back? Even now, talking about it, I don't feel the urge to find some paint and catch up. I see the book but there is no draw (no pun intended.) What is keeping me from doing what made me so happy before?

Well, I am not sure where the answer lies to that, but I thought maybe sharing the last page in my book, I might want to continue doing it again. I found these pictures in my camera yesterday when I was doing another project for the Magazine. (Is it strange that an editor for an art magazine has stopped doing her own art?)

So here is the last entry from start to finish:
Black ink on white sketchbook - I created enough vines for the days of the week.

Painting in the background with inexpensive watercolors.

The flower is painted in along with the vines which were used for the daily events.

Here are some others pages I found on the camera:

Well, we shall see if my concern is enough to get back to journaling, but first I have to do the laundry I said I was going to do yesterday.

Is there something that you have put aside and wish you could get back to? What's keeping you from it?


Marit said...

These pages do look awesome Annemarie... so sorry your motivation is missing. Over at Daisy Yellow there was a question/post about this topic, maybe you can find tips there?

I do hope the happy feeling to go create comes back!

Roban said...

I think we just get so busy dealing with life that we forget to find time for ourselves and our art. Sometimes it's not about forgetting at all, it's about the time and energy it takes to deal with our daily lives.

It doesn't have to be forever. You'll find yourself back with paintbrush in hand, soon, I'm sure. Your art journal pages are beautiful, and I especially liked the vines with your daily events written on them. Very pretty.

Take care of yourself, Annemarie.

Rieni said...

I love your page with the vines and the daily events. Lovely colors. And I think your motivation will come back. There is so much going on in your life for the moment. But I will come back!!

Jeanet said...

Hi Annemarie, I totally understand you. I was so busy with myself and other things last year, that I didn't even stepped into my scraproom anymore, just walked by. Maybe it's the unfinished pile of "thingsiliketodo" It's so high that I just seem to get a bad, bad feeling about myself just looking at what I don't get to finish. But I guess it just comes I start to focus on what I really want to do, and make some time for only that. One step at a time and not wanting/having to do everything what's going on in te artsy world. I realised it only takes me further away from the thing that matters most and that is just enjoying what you do.
I LOVE your art journal pages! Beautiful! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my blog, Annemarie!!!

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