Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Probably Jinxed Myself

I should have just stopped complaining while I was ahead.

Instead, I went to meet two college friends for lunch on my last day out of town for the dance competition. I can't remember the last time I had seen either of them outside of Facebook.

Last week, James' seat belt buckle broke, so I moved him to the other side of the car, but didn't remember to click the child lock on that side of the car. He is not allowed to let himself out of the car for many reasons. Caitlin or I have to do it every time.

We were sitting in the restaurant's parking lot waiting for my friends to arrive. The text came that they were there, so I said, "Let's go." As I was getting out of the car, I heard the most horrific scream and turn around to see James' finger stuck in the door. I quickly opened the door and when I first saw it, I thought, maybe it was just pinched. As time passed, the finger turned red and purple under the nail and the skin around it had scraped. I ran him into the restaurant for some ice, but it only made the pain worse. I walked back to meet my friends and this was their first impression of my son, screaming and yelling at me. We tried to get him to put it in ice water. He wouldn't stop yelling, and we had to leave the restaurant. I found a bandage for the scrape and told him to hold it over his head. He didn't believe it would work. We tried deep breathing, tickling, distraction of all kind. We finally called Daddy who would ask him distracting questions about his weekend, but then forget and start talking about the finger. Thirty minutes after it all began, James was calm enough to sit at the table, but he was still crying. Ten minutes later, he was asleep in my lap, which is how I enjoyed the rest of my afternoon with my friends.

When it was time to leave, I managed to get him in the car. (I had to carry him out of the restaurant because he refused to leave the table. Remember he is over 4 feet and over 60 lbs.) I then remembered, I had better get a picture to capture the moment I was with these girls because they probably were never going to want to do that again. :-)

The drive home was uneventful but punctuated with stops for shakes, ice cream, soda, candy...anything to keep him happy.


Andre Rodriguez said...

Aw, poor baby.

I remember slamming someone's fingers in the door and having mine slammed as well.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear... I feel for you AND him (ánd his sis ánd your friends...) Is he doing alright now? It can hurt pretty bad!

GG said...

I hope his finger is not broken and that he feels better.....I just had a deep cut on my finger and burnt it with an iron after that so I know the pain he is in.

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