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Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

This is Your Kitchen Calling

Hello, Annemarie. It has been so long since you have visited. We were wondering what we had done to prevent you from returning. What ever it is, we would like to make it up to you.

We know we aren't the latest in kitchen trends. Sometimes we burn your food or don't cook them fast enough. But that is no reason to completely turn your back on us for going on six months now.

Stop on by. We will give you a refresher course. In fact we can start right now.
You see this? This is called a STOVE. You use him to boil water, cook eggs, and bake cookies. Yes he did come with the house when it was built in the 1980s. Shoot! You could almost call him vintage.
These are POTS and PANS. You put the food in them so that they don't fall through the burners when you go to cook them. Don't you remember when you got them? You had just moved out of your childhood friend's apartment when she decided she needed a permanent male roommate. She bought them maybe as a consolation prize/apartment warming present. They were the top of the line from QVC - guaranteed never to stick as long as you didn't use a fork to stir your rice. Did you remember that little rule? Of course not. So is it their fault that the rice sticks to the bottom when you used to cook? We think not!

We promise, if you come back that we will do our best to stay the proper temperature and provide you the best service that a 20 year old kitchen can provide.

Once you get reacquainted with us, we will reintroduce you to the Laundry Room.


momsolop said...

So that's what all that stuff is?!! Wow!

miruspeg said...

I can relate to this post Annemarie.
I had a brand new kitchen installed in 2006....and it still looks brand new!

Fun post.

Anonymous said...

I can hear a tiny little voice shreeking from down stairs... a bit of a orange/brown voice - I guess it's still alive... my seventies-almost-dying-kitchen... OH MY, it needs to be digged out off the grease and dust and it just found some courage to raise it's voice - can it be that your kitchen started a world wide protest movement?

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Dear Kitchen Appliances,

Thank you for this lesson to AnneMarie. U might want to come to my house and teach my Kitchen that there is more to life than pots and pans, there are things that can be used for baking too! lol! :):):):):):):):)

Julie :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

MJ said...

LOL (as my zucchini chocolate cake is cooking and I'm roasting a chicken for dinner)!

Rieni said...

LOL, :))

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