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Be Happy Anyway
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Who Does That?

OMG is all I had to say.

I was dumbfounded the other day as I was flipping through Facebook and saw that someone I dance with had gone to see Wicked down in Austin this past Friday. The fact that Wicked was playing was not the surprise. What shocked me was who went along.

Now it's time to flashback to the beginning of summer:
As the end of dance season was drawing near, I saw that Wicked would be here in August. I thought it would be neat if the dance class got together to see this musical that all my online friends had been buzzing about. I went to the dance instructor, Mr. A and asked if he would be interested in all of us going. He seemed stoked about it and even offered to order the tickets online, and we would give him the money.

Summer came and summer went. However, not without seeing Mr. A almost every single week while taking my daughter to camp. Not once was the musical mentioned, so I brought it up the last week of class. Mr. A looked at me sadly and said he was unable to get good seats and the only seats available were those up in the way upper balcony. He said he wasn't interested in seeing it from so far back. I agreed and said, "Too bad," and suggested we all go some other time. He said yes.

Imagine my surprise when I go to click on my Facebook "friend's" Wicked photo album and who should be sitting right next to her? You guessed it, Mr. A!

Why do people do that? Why can't they be honest? I am usually the one to give people the benefit of the doubt. My mother has always called me the "Great Defender," but I feel there is very little that this person could say that could make this defensible, especially when almost everyone else who was in the photo had been in on the initial conversation about going to see Wicked together.

Now that I have gotten this off of my chest, I am probably not going to say anything when I see Mr. A tonight at the studio. I am just going to take this as a lesson to not take everyone at face value...something you would have thought I had figured out a long time ago.


Norma Kennedy said...

oh I am so sorry that he hurt you like that! This is a perfect example of how lieing is never best. He probably thought you would never know ... so to save ur feelings. Hugs...Norma

Julie Tucker-Wolek said... BIGGEST pet peeve EVER EVER EVER are LIARS!!!! I sooooooooooooooooo think U should call him on it....or at least mention it on FB!!! LOL! :):):):):):):):)

McMGrad89 said...

I thought about it Julie, but my daughter still has to dance at the studio and many girls and moms are on his FB page. I will be dropping him as a friend and leave it at that as I don't need a friend like that.

I am more mad at myself for letting myself feel like a teenager looking for acceptance.

I am telling myself, now, Build a Bridge and Get Over It.

MJ said...

Perhaps he was on a date or wanted some private time with a certain woman, hmmm? There may be something devious happening!

It is astonishing how people think they can get away with things when the internet is so readily accessible and has reduced all of our privacy!

miruspeg said...

It is very sad when we find out someone has lied to us. It definitely takes a while to come to terms with why they did it.

But don't let one person change the way you think...."Great Defender"!

Build that bridge and meander over it slowly, you can shout out loud until you get to the other side!


Roban said...

Peggy always says the best things, doesn't she? "meander over it slowly, you can shout out loud until you get to the other side!"

I would feel bad, too, but more than likely it originally started off as an oversight, and when he realized the mistake he tried to cover it up instead of just being honest with you. Hopefully, they were not being exclusive....

Bottom line, I believe it's your group's loss that you weren't among them. YOU are a gem of a friend. I wish I was there to see Wicked with you.

Shell said...

that is my big pet peeve too!
whatever you do, don't lie to me, i hate that!

Anonymous said...

i so wanted to go see that. i wish we had made plans to do that.
i hate to be lied to also, but i too am usually the great defender. i think in reality it is a good quality, even if we are sometimes let down.

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